Athiya Shetty launches Nina Lekhi’s biography ‘Bag It All’


Athiya Shetty at the launch of Nina Lekhi’s book ‘Bag It All’ in Mumbai

Nina Lekhi, Founder, MD & Design Curator launched her book, Bag It All with celebrity star Athiya Shetty. After collating accolades from the industry on being the most loved bag brand of the industry and receiving several awards for her business acumen, the spirited entrepreneur launched the book that marked the completion of over 25 years of business. The book recounts her inspirational and challenging journey from a failure in college to a 100 crore company that was built with the power of love and intent.  The event saw an interesting dialogue between Nina and Athiya as they shared favorite passages, recounted old stories and advice for entrepreneurs filled with encouragement, grit and determination.

The event was also graced by Sunil and Mana Shetty who have also supported and believed in the Baggit journey. Published by Jaico, the book has been penned down by Suman Chhabria Addepalli along with a heartfelt forward by Rashmi Bansal, the book is an inspiration for every entrepreneur.

Sharing her thoughts on the occasion, Nina Lekhi commented, “My secrets are in these pages, the story of how a C-minus student – a failure in college – became an A-plus entrepreneur. When I started out, I just wanted to earn some pocket money. But I had a point to prove to myself. Along the way, I became a wife and a mother and navigated the twists and turns of personal and professional life trying to balance the two. Each challenge forced me to be innovative and level up. Each step towards success has helped me grow personally and the company to what it is today. And yes…If I can do it, so can you.

Athiya Shetty, also added, “It is so fabulous to meet such inspiring entrepreneurs. And this is one I know and admire personally. I have always had a deep respect for Nina and the way she has grown her company. It is so good to see entrepreneurs …especially women entrepreneurs do so well! I for one am all for it! You go girl! I wish her and this fabulous book that will be a source of great inspiration for many entrepreneurs out there, lots of success”

Actor Hemu Shettya well-known actor from Bollywood  also being touted as the next Bollywood Villain recently ranked favourite by bunt community within the inner circle as the promising Actor in the Tulu Cinema, ( recently coined as TULUWOOD  ) and has also been nicknamed as the Tulu Actor and  with his long experience as an acting coach , with an ability of a #HistrionicAnalyzer and penchant of an  #HistrionicWriter wholeheartedly compliments “ You have bagged it all Nina…Kudos to your tenacity! , your Perseverance, drive, dynamism, dedication, enthusiasm, work-worship and Zing for success is truly a lighting guide to most of the entrepreneurs. Your story makes you more adorable, likable and truly a mentor, which everyone would love to have it, as it means assured success. May the highlighting aspect driven by the inborn grit of your personality “Never quit attitude” be the strong cemented base for all the aspirants who wish to be like you and revere the very learning’s from you.

Nina’s “Never Quit Attitude” has always set her apart. As you will read in the book, she was one of the first home grown women entrepreneurs in the country to take the big risk from being a small ghar ka business to a store to retail that has now grown to 47 EBOs and 300 multi brand retail stores across the country.  Breaking stereotypes and setting new standards in the industry and in the world of entrepreneurship, has been a way of life for her. She chose to take the road less travelled and today when looking back on that journey…has an inspiring and interesting story that she hopes will inspire others to move out of their comfort zone and be more.


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