About Buntara Sangam

The one-stop online platform for bunts group to explore your inherent unique talent to the world of films, fashions , glamour ,  entertainment and emerging lifestyle.Thereby evolving beyond the ongoing activities of community services from the very bunt platform simultaneously staying grounded to bunts culture and making every effort to foster the community for its cultural growth and development to extend the cause globally.

A complete platform for the community seeking appropriate exposure to their incredible and challenging WINS, the wins that is the outcome of devotion, perseverance, consistency, the drive that makes them rise above all the circumstances, the initiative that keeps the ambition alive, the movement within that makes the avenue for awakening, the outcome that becomes a revelation , the performance that is a encouragement and the WINS that keep the community glued and bonding.

Cultural flux is inevitable, Buntara’s have always remained culturally embedded, community glued, habits and practices stemmed from the roots have always been a guiding factor……..but getting all the successes, wins, accolades, recognitions, admirations, felicitations, honors, values, beliefs, views, opinions et al, is a value add and learnings for the community. Buntarasangam with its expertise, reach and belief in the community development is keen to take this message across and make the winner stand above globally.

Overcoming and jumping above the extraordinary hurdles, from a minute wins to leap-frogging to better avenues, Actor Hemu Shetty has been a source of inspiration and driver for the Bunts Community. As a Brand Ambassador for www.buntarasangam.com for his topmost priority in making the Bunts breaking boundaries and going beyond, Actor Hemu Shetty is keen to strategies innovative initiative and plans for the community 


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